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Passion       Purpose      Soul Power

CeLillianne Green is a woman of passion, purpose, and soul power.  The fusion of her life as a poet, attorney, writer, teacher, and mediator is compelling.  This fusion serves as the canvass for a woman whose writing, paints pictures and tells stories.  Ms. Green’s observations of past and present cultural dynamics are insightful and thought provoking rooted in a place of ancestral connection and spiritual truth.  Her creative endeavors are also informed by education and experience.


CeLillianne Green knows who she is and why she is here.  Through a voice of integrity, humility, and humor, Ms. Green compels the audience to listen and to hear through the ear of the soul.  Her voice, her prose, and her poetry teach, encourage, and challenge people to embrace their soul power and to seek knowledge of who they are spiritually, individually, and collectively.  Indeed, her writing and creativity foster communication, support education, and promote healing which is the essence of her passion, purpose, and soul power.


Ms. Green has an ever-widening circle of enthusiasts.  They praise her work for its clarity and wisdom, which she combines with a deeply felt and sincere understanding of the need to open minds and heal hearts.